Our plant was built  exclusively to process your wild game.  The quality of product we can provide for you is most important.  We accept whole carcass deer for all seasons except Iowa shotgun. Quarters or good clean trim will be excepted from all seasons.
Sticks  $2.15 lb.
Pepper Sticks  $2.25 lb.
Barbeque Sticks $2.35 lb.
Teriyaki Sticks  $2.20 lb.
Ring Bologna  $2.00 lb.
Smoked Breakfast Links  $1.85 lb.
Chili Dogs  $2.25 lb. (includes cheese)
Wieners  $1.85 lb.
Bratwurst (fresh)  $1.80 lb.
Dried  $2.30 lb.
Jerky  $3.85 lb.
Teriyaki Jerky  $3.85 lb.
Ground/Formed Jerky $2.60 lb.
Bacon  $1.95 lb.   Peppered $2.05
Summer Sausage  $1.95 lb. - Cut in half $2.20 lb.
Salami  $2.00 lb.
Smoked Bratwurst  $1.95 lb.
Cheddarwurst $2.10 lb. (includes cheese)
A minimum of - 5# trim required on all link or bacon products
 7# on sausage sticks, summer sausage and Salami
8# on jerkies
     Prices include vacuum packaging on all smoked products.  
Price of beef or pork added to products or fresh ground meat is not included in cost.
Cheeses or jalapeno peppers added to products is an additional .25 lb.
Prices are subject to adjustment without notice due to changes in seasoning, beef and pork costs.

1812 250th St. Ionia, IA 50645-9566
Ph. 641-394-5062

A $50.00 deposit per animal is being asked at time of delivery for processing, 
or $1.00 a lb. for all other quarters or trim brought in for processing.

If the air temperature is above 40 degrees, refrigerate deer carcass or give us a call,
 even if it is after hours or Sunday, so we can properly care for your deer. 
  • Orders received during early seasons may take from four to six weeks to process.
  • Orders received during shotgun season in December may take up to TEN weeks or longer.    
  • Orders not picked up within two weeks after notification are subject to storage charge.
  • All beef and pork used in wild game products will be purchased from Ohrt's Smokehouse.
  • Changes in orders may be subject to an additional charge.
  • All deer trim must be in to us by 12 p.m., Saturday, February 16, 2019
  • Late orders will need to be picked up promptly.  Our freezers and coolers will be shut down for the season.
  • We do not accept debit or credit cards.  CASH or CHECK ONLY. 
Whole carcass -                      from all seasons except Iowa shotgun
    Save head and Cape $25.00
            Skin, debone and wrap steaks any size deer $85.00 if we keep hide.
            Skin, debone and wrap steaks any size deer $90.00 if hide goes out.
            Straight grind .30 lb.                                                                   1# pkgs. instead of 1 1/2# pkgs. .10 lb. extra    
            Grind with tallow .40 lb. on total weight, tallow included in price.
            Grind with a 50% beef - 50% wild game blend, added .30 lb. on total weight, plus cost of beef.

Wild game quarters or trim - 
            Debone quarters .90 lb. or .50 per minute to remove hair and fat from trim.
            Debone hind quarters for muscle jerky or dried venison .60 lb.
                            ADDITIONAL CHARGE, at our discretion, if EXTRA CLEANING IS REQUIRED. 
            Grind, package and freeze straight ground .55 lb.
            Grind, package and freeze with tallow .65 lb., tallow included in price.
            Grind, package and freeze with a 50% beef - 50% wild game blend .55 lb. on total weight, plus cost of beef.

Before bringing your deer in for processing - 
  • DO NOT allow deer to lie over night without being field dressed.
  • DO NOT pile hot deer on top of each other. They will not cool properly and will spoil.
  • Deer needs to have proper tags attached.
  • We would prefer to have deer come in with heads on.
  • Wash out the inside of the carcass and remove all hair and blood.  This will also help cool the meat.
  • Put bags of ice in chest cavity and between hind legs to cool carcass when weather is warm.  
  • If fresh, bring it in as soon as possible.
  • Prop deer legs and cavity open to cool (if below 40 degrees) or ice down.  If this is not done, the meat may spoil.
  • DO NOT skin your deer.  The hide helps to protect the meat from contamination while in transit and keeps it from drying out.  It takes longer and wastes meat if we have to trim a layer from carcass or remove contamination.
  • DO NOT split the brisket or rib cage.  This will reduce excess hair in the cavity.
  • DO NOT cut the tendons on the back legs.  We need them to hang the deer.
  • DO NOT allow deer to hang for more than one day without hide on before deboning.  Carcass may dry excessively and require reskinning.
  • After skinning, use a butane torch to singe off hair that remains on carcass.
  • Hose carcass down inside and out when possible or wash with clean water and rag.
  • Use your nose.  If it doesn't smell like good fresh met, trim it off and dispose of it.
  • DO NOT put hot deer in sealed bags or containers.  Meat needs to be cooled properly before deboning.
  • Remove all fat, hair and contamination from trim.
  • DO NOT soak deer meat in water.  Meat should be bright red.
  • DO NOT grind the trim.
  • DO NOT use scented garbage bags. Use food grade bags if possible. 
  • Place deer trim in clear plastic bags and remove air.  Freeze the meat right away or bring in within a couple days.
  • If you want dried venison or jerky made, remove leg at joint or bring whole hindquarter in.  If you wish to remove the bone yourself, open leg at seam, cut down to bone, and remove bone carefully.  Leave whole muscles in tact.
When deboning your own meat -
All meat that we debone or trim brought in is commingled, unless you have enough meat to make a 100# batch of one product.
Steaks and roasts will be from your own deer.  All trim brought in is thoroughly inspected.
An extra fee will apply if we have to remove bone, hair or excess fat.
Meat will be refused if it is not properly cared for.