The entry to the plant is on the east side of the building.  Come to this door first so we can take your order before unloading your deer.  All trim and deer quarters will come through this door.  Finished orders are also picked up here.  You may back up to the door for easy unloading and loading.
The west side of the building is where the deer with hides on are dropped off.  (Remember to come to the east door first, before unloading.)  
Retail Smoked Meat Products
These products available Oct. 1 until March 15th.
Beef Ground/Formed Jerky 
Beef Jerky - Regular, Teriyaki flavored and Peppered
Pork Jerky - Peppered
Barbeque Sticks
Pepper Sticks
Pepper Sticks w/Pepper Jack and Jalapeno
Sausage Sticks
Sausage Sticks w/Cheddar
Teriyaki Sticks 
Teriyaki Pineapple Sticks
Summer Sausage
Summer Sausage w/Pepper Jack and Jalapeno
Ring Bologna
Pork Smoked Breakfast Links - Regular and with Cheddar
Chili Flavored Hot Dogs
Smoked Polish Sausages
Bacon - Apple smoked and Hickory smoked
Smoked Turkey - whole or halves
Smoked Boneless Hams - Apple smoked and Hickory smoked
Our smokehouse kitchen is just off the entry  where you may see Bill and Bruce preparing venison sausage products. 
Bruce stuffs the sausage links above while Bill hangs them on the cart. Finished product 
 (to the right) in the smokehouse.
Our deer boning room also serves as a meat grinding station when we are finished deboning the deer carcass.
Snack sticks are cooling before cutting to length and packaging.  Below are the snack sticks in the cutting trough in the packaging area. 
Look for our new Ohrt's Smokehouse signage on highway 346 (previous sign has been removed) 
and one on Hickory Ave. / 250th street corner
Specialty Meats   (no BBQ sauce included)

Loin Back Pork Ribs
Smoked Sliced Beef Brisket
Smoked Sliced Pork Loin
Smoked Pulled Beef
Smoked Pulled Pork
Seasoned Cooked Prime Rib

Two smokehouse carts full of smoked turkeys
 ready for the holiday season.
You will find Bill, Dione, Max and Janell Ohrt at the Ohrt's Smokehouse booth at the Iowa Deer Classic in Des Moines. Ohrt's Smokehouse booths may also be found at the UNI Dome Boat and Antique Shows in Cedar Falls. Dan Bucknell will be found selling Ohrt's Smokehouse meat sticks and jerkies at the World Largest Garage Sales in Waterloo and various gun shows etc. around the state. 
Bill, Dione and Bruce Ohrt October 2008. 
Photo taken by New Hampton Tribune